Workplace Sexual Harassment

Above all else, it is important that employees feel safe at work.

Vocam’s Sexual Harassment training course fulfills three very important requirements:

  • Outlining acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • Promotes a safe workplace with clearly defined company policies and procedures for reporting violations
  • Helps protect and reduce liability for businesses around non-compliance and sexual harassment lawsuits

Effective sexual harassment training will empower your employees and create a harmonious work environment.


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Video-based e-learning is the most effective way to engage your employees and stop harassment in the workplace.

Each course has built-in testing questions, and can be customized to reflect your specific company operating procedures and sexual harassment polices

  • Average Runtime

    30 Minutes

  • Quiz

    Each Course has interactive questions throughout along with a final quiz to test knowledge retention

  • Certificate

    Upon successful completion trainees are provided with a custom branded certificate

Sexual Harassment Employees

Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Formation Sur Le Harcèlement Sexuel : À L’intention Des Employés

Intimidation et harcèlement en milieu de travail

Equality & Diversity

Social Media, Email & Online Etiquette

Office Induction: HR

Business Ethics for Employees

Is Your Organization Compliant?

Employers have a responsibility to provide sexual harassment training to their employees as per the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Training MUST include:

How We Can Help

Every Vocam training platform comes equipped with an easy-to-use Course Builder, which can be used to inject your own harassment policy documents directly into existing e-learning courses. It’s as simple as a few clicks.


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Why Vocam is the best for your company

Simplifying the management of your training program has never been easier. BusinessTraining-TV includes all the essential and sought-after tools to help you save time and maintain legislative compliance.

Pre-Built Courses

Course Builder

Reporting & Certificates

Document Control

Photo Verification

Mobile Apps

Client Support

Employee Training isn’t just important, it is vital!

  • Improves Employee Performance

    Effective training builds employee confidence as it provides a better understanding of their job roles and responsibilities. Well-trained and competent employees represent your company as an industry leader.

  • Increases Employee Satisfaction and Morale

    Show your employees that they are valued and appreciated by investing in their growth and development. Employees who learn and are challenged feel more satisfaction towards their jobs.

  • Strengthens Employee Skills

    Training programs allow employers to address weakness in their employee’s skills. A development program brings employees to a higher level by identifying the gaps and providing them with the knowledge to strengthen and enhance their skills.

  • Creates a culture of Accountability

    A healthy culture of accountability will help employees be more productive, creative, and able to contribute to furthering organizational goals. It will allow employees to take ownership of their work and build trust between team members at all levels of the organization.

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