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Date: 29 Mar, 2019 in assistent Guide

What Is WHMIS All About?

WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. But what is WHMIS about and why it is necessary? It is basically the standard of managing the dangerous materials that companies in Canada need to follow. It spreads and enforces the guidelines described by the federal Hazardous Materials Information Review Act and Hazardous Products Act to assure the proper safety in the workplaces.

WHMIS was recently updated in 2015 but its creation goes way back in 1988.


The particular information system was developed to uphold the rights of Canadian workers to be informed about the potential workplace hazards and chemicals they use while working. It was made to prevent serious health and safety hazards of the dangerous and life-threatening materials including deaths, illnesses, and damage to the properties.

A three-party committee that was represented by the government, industry, spokespersons, and labor representatives developed the WHMIS. The constitution of the tripartite body ensures that the best interests of the parties involved were considered. Basically, WHMIS came into limelight on October 31, 1988.

The Labour Branch of Human Resources Development Canada for federal workplaces and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) of the individual states and territories enforce the WHMIS.

WHMIS has four major key components: classification of the hazards, labeling of the containers, the accomplishment of material safety data sheets (MSDS), and education and training programs for workers.

WHMIS 2015 for Workers

Different countries around the world have different materials regulation and handling practices. WHMIS 2015 for workers is aligned with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. GHS is a worldwide system.

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