The Trickle Down Effect

Creating a unified workplace with a solid foundation of ethics, values and accountability begins with providing your current and future leaders with the training they need to drive company culture.

Access leadership courses online featuring one of the world’s most successful businessmen. Kevin Harrington is the chairman of As Seen On TVand one of the original sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank.

Kevin has created an exclusive-to-Vocam series of online leadership courses Canada that will provide your managers with invaluable skills and insights into how to conduct business at the highest level and lead by example.

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Have a sneak peek into our Online Leadership Courses Canada and examine why we are the ranked among the top e-learning companies year over year.

  • Average Runtime

    30 Minutes

  • Quiz

    Each Course has interactive questions throughout along with a final quiz to test knowledge retention

  • Certificate

    Upon successful completion trainees are provided with a custom branded certificate

Conducting Performance Reviews

Negotiating WinWin

Dealing With Disruptive People

Developing People

Success In My Organization

Growth By Leadership

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Your branded training platform will come equipped with over 100 pre-built courses that cover all aspects of business training.

Developing PeopleHire So You Don't Have To Fire
Dealing With Disruptive PeopleNegotiating Win-Win
Developing A Fanatical Customer FocusListen to Win
Growth By LeadershipSocial Media & Email
Success In My Organization

Why Vocam is the best for your company

Streamline company-wide training to meet the needs of your organization. Each platform is packed with intuitive, easy to use features that take advantage of automation and advanced reporting analytics. Our system simplifies the management of business training, which saves you time and frees up resources that can be used elsewhere.

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Employee Training isn’t just important, it is vital!

  • Boost Employee Engagement

    Leadership training helps organizations identify ‘high potential’ employees and creates a culture of progression that increases employee engagement and retention.

  • Nurture Future Leaders

    Nurturing the leaders of today and developing future leaders supports succession planning and offer clear career pathways to employees looking to advance.

  • Retain Talent

    75% of those who quit their jobs do so as a result of their manager. By providing leadership training you are equipping your current and future leaders with the skills they need to motivate effectively. These skills will result in less turnover and costly recruitment costs.

  • Better Decision Making

    An understated benefit of leadership training provides the skills to balance emotional intelligence, which helps make informed, intelligent business decisions.