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Leadership courses online for every organization.

Creating a unified workplace with a solid foundation of ethics, values and accountability begins with providing your current and future leaders with the training they need to drive company culture.

Great leaders are ones that move and inspire their people towards a common goal of success both personally and professionally. The right combination of qualities and training can significantly increase productivity and employee retention while at the same time provide a nurturing environment for future leaders to develop organically.

The Vocam series of online leadership courses Canada will provide your managers with invaluable skills and insights into how to conduct business at the highest level and lead by example.

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All courses can be fully customized and have built-in comprehension checkpoints and quizzes to verify each trainee has retained the required information.

Conducting Performance Reviews

Negotiating WinWin

Dealing With Disruptive People

Developing People

Success In My Organization

Growth By Leadership

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Your branded training platform will come equipped with over 100 pre-built courses that cover all aspects of business training.

Developing PeopleHire So You Don't Have To Fire
Dealing With Disruptive PeopleNegotiating Win-Win
Developing A Fanatical Customer FocusListen to Win
Growth By LeadershipSocial Media & Email
Success In My Organization
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    30 Minutes

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    Each Course includes Quizzes and Assessments

Employee Training isn’t just important, it is vital!

  • Improves Employee Performance

    Effective training builds employee confidence as it provides a better understanding of their job roles and responsibilities. Well-trained and competent employees represent your company as an industry leader.

  • Increases Employee Satisfaction and Morale

    Show your employees that they are valued and appreciated by investing in their growth and development. Employees who learn and are challenged feel more satisfaction towards their jobs.

  • Strengthens Employee Skills

    Training programs allow employers to address weakness in their employee’s skills. A development program brings employees to a higher level by identifying the gaps and providing them with the knowledge to strengthen and enhance their skills.

  • Creates a culture of Accountability

    A healthy culture of accountability will help employees be more productive, creative, and able to contribute to furthering organizational goals. It will allow employees to take ownership of their work and build trust between team members at all levels of the organization.

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Streamline company-wide training to meet the needs of your organization. Each platform is packed with intuitive, easy to use features that take advantage of automation and advanced reporting analytics. Our system simplifies the management of business training, which saves you time and frees up resources that can be used elsewhere.

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