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Date: 18 Mar, 2019 in assistent Guide

Gamification and E-learning

Gamification has revolutionized the world of e-learning as it works as a driving force for the employees. They take more interest in work when it is coupled with gamification. This is the reason why most of the corporate world leaders endorse the use of numerous online programs to promote the learning of new concepts and skills. Gamification is putting the ‘fun’ in learning fundamentals. Several other benefits that it gives to its learners are as follows:

Boosts up involvement

Learning through games is much more effective than traditional methods of training. It develops performance by tapping the human desire to feel excited about reaching a goal. Playing interesting games, earning the position, and winning badges seems to be far more thrilling than watching safety training videos or paying attention to a lecture. The learners are likely to absorb more information through this interactive method of learning.

Knowledge retention

Along with the absorption of the information, long-standing knowledge is the ultimate goal of most of the educators. The foundation of gamification is making the learning process fun, so it has a positive impact on retention. This teaching methodology really proves that if something is made amusing and include notions of play, you can derive employees to do things they otherwise may never wish to do.

Automatic Feedback

Through gamification, the learners get to know about their performance instantly. All the statistics regarding earning or missing points, success or fail during activity are collected during participation. Proficiency failures are easily identified, making the student and their tutor much more alert. No time is washed out to outline the weak areas of the employee. Most of the games are designed so as to suggest an additional or past action that the learner can complete to catch up.

Incorporates Real-Life Problem Solving

The conventional multiple choice, true-false, and essay questions are not able to generate situations that encourage the extensive use of analytic skills. But such investigative skills are essential while on the job or in a real-life situation. Gamification provides more ways to put the learner in a situation visually and mentally, that will encourage better problem-solving. It also paces up the speed at which the students search for effectual solutions through practice.

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