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Bullying and harassment
Date: 14 Nov, 2018 in assistent Guide

3 Ways To Beat Your Bullies

The crippling cost of workplace bullying & harassment cannot be understated. In organizations where bullying and harassment exist, two vital pillars are affected. The first, and most important, are the people. Second are the profits that support those people. It should go without saying, even though it doesn’t, that the following non-exhaustive list of behaviour is […]

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Date: 12 Oct, 2018 in assistent Guide

Cannabis Legalization – Is Your Company Prepared?

Submitted By: Priya Mukherjee  – October 1st, 2018   With October 17th, 2018 fast approaching, employers are gearing up to adapt to the changes that will affect their workplace with regards to Bill C-45 and the legalization of recreational cannabis. What was once highly stigmatized and deemed as an illegal substance has now been recognized […]

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Date: 24 Sep, 2018 in assistent Guide

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Next Online Training Course

  A good E-Learning designer should always be looking for ways to improve their current courses and modules to ensure that they are engaging, interactive and memorable for their employees. When creating a course, the most important thing to ask yourself is “Would I want to willingly participate in this training?” If the answer is no, […]

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