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Date: 07 Jun, 2019 in assistent Guide

Top Benefits of Employee Wellness Program in Canada

Employees are the greatest assets of any organization. The work efficiency and productivity of the workers determine the company’s success. The Employee Wellness Programs in Canada provides significant support to employees and help them to give high-level and consistent performance. The main objective of this program is to pay attention to the physical wellness of […]

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Date: 29 Mar, 2019 in assistent Guide

What Is WHMIS All About?

WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. But what is WHMIS about and why it is necessary? It is basically the standard of managing the dangerous materials that companies in Canada need to follow. It spreads and enforces the guidelines described by the federal Hazardous Materials Information Review Act and Hazardous Products Act to […]

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Date: 18 Mar, 2019 in assistent Guide

Gamification and E-learning

Gamification has revolutionized the world of e-learning as it works as a driving force for the employees. They take more interest in work when it is coupled with gamification. This is the reason why most of the corporate world leaders endorse the use of numerous online programs to promote the learning of new concepts and […]

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