Vocam is a leader in global learning technology and is consistently one of the highest ranked companies for eLearning Ontario. With customers in over 75 different countries, we are committed to making training more effective and easier to access.


We are a results-oriented business. We have seen firsthand the power that regular, effective and efficient training can have on the growth and stability of organizations of all sizes in every industry. Many companies proudly proclaim that their people are the most valuable resource. We help support these companies by providing customized online learning platforms that bring out the full potential of their people.

Vocam started out as an independent, family-run production house creating video-based training content in 1990. As we have grown and evolved into a leader in eLearning and online corporate training we have paid close attention to the results our content generates.

Now, we have the premier SAAS training platform in the world. But, we are still committed to getting better through client feedback and close monitoring of the real-world results we are able to help create for our clients.

For us, the key to our success is customization. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. However, we do start out every client relationship the same way.

We Start by Listening

Before we try to come up with a solution, we make sure we fully understand your problem. Once we know what you need, we can work to create a flexible, customized plan that will deliver exactly the results you are looking for.

Vocam integrates the world’s best training content with the world’s best delivery platforms and provides you with the world’s best customer experience.

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