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3 Powerful Tools To Save You Time & Refresh Your Boring Training Courses


Depending on the software or learning management system you are using, creating an engaging training course can take quite a bit of time that most pros in your position really don’t have.

We can all agree that videos, graphically appealing visuals and audio are all great ways to present information that are more easily retained, but who has the time, resources or skills to create that content?

It’s not as far out of reach as you might think. Using these three cost-effective resources will not only refresh your current ‘Death-By-PowerPoint ‘training course but may even buy back some precious time so you can breathe!


1. –


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services, and the cost can be as low as $5 per project – hence the name fiverr.

You can find a freelancer for almost anything:

  • Voiceover Talent
  • Graphic Designers
  • Animators
  • Video editors
  • Pitchmen/women
  • Translation Services
  • Logo Deisgn

To help refresh your current courses and keep them up to date, you may, for example, want to commission a freelancer to help create an info-graphic that depicts your new policies or procedures.

Pick and choose certain areas within your course that you want to update and have a freelancer make your vision come to life. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a full-on rebuild.

Most projects can be completed and back to you in a few business days. The potential ROI on the time- savings alone is worth investigating further. You wont be sorry you did and neither will your trainees.


2. –


Similar to Fiverr, UpWork will connect you with talented freelancers from across the globe, and in some cases, the pricing is very very attractive.

If you don’t have access to a comprehensive learning platform like Vocam’s BusinessTraining-TV (How BusinessTraining-TV Works) that allows you to create courses in 30 minutes, freelancers from Upwork can take the entire job from start to finish.

Provide them with your course components along with a basic storyboard and they can take the reins from there.


3. –


There is nothing worse than a training course with blurry out of date images that don’t accurately reflect the message that’s trying to be delivered.

Of all the information that is transmitted to the brain 90% is visual, not to mention that the human eye can process 36,000 visual messages per hour.

What does this mean? You can fit more information into less time!

Investing in even the most basic of plan will provide access to a plethora of images and visuals that will certainly increase the value and knowledge retention of your courses. These images can then be sent to one of your freelancers to incorporate into your brand spanking new training course.


The Bottom line

  • You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself, there’s help out there that doesn’t have to shatter the budget.


  • Contracting a freelancer can save tons of time that you can be used elsewhere.


  • Up to date videos and visuals are the key to increased retention and engagement of your training courses.



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